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Custom Cufflinks

The Custom Cufflinks Supplier Online!

Are you going to a fancy restaurant dinner or a ‘Dinner and Dance’ event, and need a little spruce up to your suit? Look no further, “MyResinJewelry”, offers Custom Cufflinks and pendants – over a wide variety of designs, color, shape and sizes to suit your occasion. Here at “MyResinJewelry”, we are a team of husband and wife who are passionate and dedicated to bring you the most beautiful and individual pieces of cufflinks to your service. We have been doing custom cufflinks for more than 3 years, having more than 1000 designs. Our cufflinks and pendants are made in good quality: we use jewelry grade resin to make sure the final product is crystal clear and will not turn yellowish over the years.

Custom Cufflinks

At MyResinJewelry, we cater to both genders. If you’re a female and you want to rock our cufflinks; we say why not! After all, we welcome ideas that will not only challenge our creativity, but meet your needs. For our collection of cufflinks, we offer a variety for you to choose from: custom cufflinks, monogrammed cufflinks, and wedding cufflinks. For our customized cufflinks, we give you the chance to customize – be it putting a photo of yourself or your loved one, with a quote to accompany your sentimental customized cufflink. There was once, we designed a customized cufflinks for a father’s day gift: we made a customized cufflinks with a newborn baby’s footprint, for the lucky father! This did make a very special and precious father’s day gift; we couldn’t be any more humbled to be a part of it.

As for our monogrammed cufflinks, we provide initial designs to signify your special day or a special gift for the lucky one. Monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. In short, monograms are a combination of initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos. Our monogrammed cufflinks are perfect for occasions such as weddings, birthdays and even Valentine’s Day.

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Lastly, for our wedding cufflinks – we believe on this special day, most of us would want it personalized and monogrammed. Thus, we offer a service to future bride and groom: personalized and monogrammed cufflinks for men. As compared to bride and bridesmaids, grooms are not that lucky to have jewelry, makeup and accessories to create a more personalized touch to the special day. Thus, the service we provide will lend a magical touch in making it more personalized with our wide choices of designs.

Not to forget for the ladies – if cufflinks are not your thing, our pendants are also made available for you to choose from for your special day or as a gift to the bff! Choose from a wide variety of themes that we have, and get to customize the chain of your choice. Although all our pendants are only available in round shapes – that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative!

At MyResinJewelry, we welcome your creative ideas— men and ladies. So don’t hesitate to contact us an email if you have any enquiries about custom cufflinks!


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