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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

5 Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Getting married? We all know the stress that you have to go through! After all, at MyResinJewelry, we are a groomsmen gift ideas team of husband and wife dedicated in bringing you individual unique pieces of cufflinks and necklaces. All of our cufflinks and necklaces are handmade and made of good quality – we use jewelry grade resin to ensure our final product is crystal clear and will not turn yellowish over the years.

In our experience of being in the business for more than 3 years, we have revolved ourselves around very special occasions. One of the occasions that we are heavily involved with would be: wedding. We even have a whole set of cufflink collection catered to wedding day: wedding cufflinks. However, apart from wedding cufflinks, we do know that some bride and groom would want to be more creative than that. So, we have come up with 5 unique gift ideas for groomsmen.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Firstly, before we get on to our gift idea number one, we would like to digress on how groomsmen are often not given much creativity to express themselves as a group during wedding day. Where else, bridesmaids have no problem with standing out due to the choices available: make-up, accessories, etc. Hence, the groom and his groomsmen – also the father of both bride and groom—are often dressed up in the classic attire.

This leads us to our first unique, Groomsmen Gift Ideas: wedding cufflinks. MyResinJewelry wedding cufflinks are personalized and customized to suit your preference, this means, custom cufflinks with monogram and theme. Our custom wedding cufflinks allow initial cufflinks, or significant wedding date and even quotes! For those who want to express themselves more creative, choose from our pre-existing theme cufflinks and customize from there.

Secondly, a unique groomsmen gift idea would be necklace pendants. Yes, we do know necklace are more catered towards the ladies, but if cufflinks aren’t your thing. The groomsmen can wear one of our necklace pendants that can be customized too! Similar to our cufflinks, choose from our pre-existing theme selection and customize.

Thirdly, a unique gift idea would be having the entire groom to wear bracelets that hold similar design to one another. In this way, it is easier to separate the special group of people from the crowd, as only groomsmen are given similar bracelets to wear.

Fourthly, a unique gift idea would be getting all the groomsmen the same bowtie. A stylish bowtie will not only unite the groomsmen, but will also give a sentimental vibe on the wedding day. However, when people think about bowties, they think of it as a boring clothing accessory. That’s not true as bowties can be made of different patterns and colors- it’s up to you to get creative!

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Lastly, a unique gift idea would be a pocket watch with each of the groomsmen name engrave to it. This does not only serve as a memorable gift but a sentimental gift that is priceless yet timeless. We hope these 5 unique groomsmen gift ideas will not only inspire you, but also help you throughout your wedding journey! Best of luck from us at MyResinJewelry!


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