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Initial Cufflinks

3 Advantages of buying Initial Cufflinks from MyResinJewelry

When we hear Initial Cufflinks, we usually think of the first letter from our first name, placed on a cufflink. Well, you are right, and what makes it so special to have cufflink? After all, it is just an initial cufflink, right? Over at MyResinJewelry, our initial cufflinks are custom cufflinks that are made to be personalized and significant to the ones buying it. These initial cufflinks are made of good quality: jewelry grade resin that will not only make the final product look crystal clear, but also prevent it from turning yellowish over the years.

Initial Cufflinks

Still, what makes our initial cufflinks so special and what are the advantages of buying cufflinks from MyResinJewelry? Here are 3 advantages of buying cufflinks from MyResinJewelry. Firstly, our initial cufflinks are usually sold as a part of our wedding cufflinks collection. In our wedding cufflinks collection, initial cufflinks are made to be personalized and customized with our monogram motifs. This means, the cufflinks contain the initials of the bride and groom, and sometimes these initials are customized further with added graphics or with fun quotes. These initial quotes are also perfect not only for the groom, but for the groomsmen – also to the father of the bride involved.

Secondly, our initial cufflinks are perfect for those who would want to wear it to a corporate event. Our cufflinks are not only designed to look professional but also personalized to the person’s personality. Wearing it to a fun event, the initial cufflinks will only lend a quirky vibe to the person’s attire. Certainly, a burst of creativity is welcomed when it comes to personalized custom cufflinks. We welcome any creative ideas that come into our way and we are able to see to your needs with your creative idea.

Initial Cufflinks image 2

Lastly, initial cufflinks make perfect gifts for anyone special in your life: father, best friend or boyfriend. As mentioned, our cufflinks are made personalized, which also means, to add on in making your gift even special; our cufflinks not only feature initials, but also initials with photos, significant date that both parties hold dearly to each other, graphics to make the initial cufflink more creative, and also fun or meaningful quote that you and your loved one share. On the other hand, if you want to feature a theme to go along with your cufflink, we provide a wide range of themed cufflinks for you to choose from: comic, soccer, art, etc. Choose from one of these themes, and customize it with your initial or that person’s initial. After all, our personalized cufflinks are meant for keepsake or as a special gift for your loved one.

To complement your initial cufflinks gift, you can add on the accessory with our necklace collection. Similar to our cufflinks collection, our necklace collection can be customized to your preference. Choose from different chains and themes; then, make it personalized. Or, if necklace is not your thing, you can buy another one of our cufflinks. Don’t forget, the women can rock our cufflinks too!


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