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Wedding Cufflinks

Getting Married Soon? Check Out Our Wedding Cufflinks!

Are you getting married soon? If you are, you are in the right place! Over at MyResinJewelry, we have a separate section where we cater to newlyweds! It’s called: Wedding Cufflinks. In our fair share of experience of weddings – being a husband and wife, too- we realized that men are not given much choice in the accessories apartment to add a personal touch to their wedding day or their loved one’s wedding day. Hence, we have come up with our collection to cater to the groom and his groomsmen.

Wedding Cufflinks

For our cufflinks, we provide personalized and customized cufflinks – couples are able to customize to make it more personal for their wedding day. In this collection, we allow couples to come up with an idea themselves, and if they are stuck on an idea in making it perfect; we are here, to assist them to make their ideas better. In terms of our cufflinks quality, all of our cufflinks are handmade and of good quality: we use jewelry grade resin to make sure the final product is crystal clear and will not turn yellowish over the years. In a nutshell, our wedding cufflinks are made with love and build to last for your special day.

So what do we offer in our cufflinks design? For our wedding cufflinks design, as mentioned earlier, we offer couples personalized and customized cufflinks: couples can choose to have an initial design of both their names; example: “K & A”, on the custom cufflinks, a photo of the both of them with initials or a special quotes that declare their love for each other on their special day. Some couples will tend to get more creative, and we welcome idea such as printing fingerprints of each other on the wedding cufflinks, etc. We welcome any ideas that are not only creative, but add on to the special vibe to the couple’s special day.

However, for the bride and groom, who love to get their family and friends involved; we cater to this group, too! As compared to the brides and her bridesmaid, the groom and the groomsmen do not have the privilege of putting on a signature make-up, similar accessories, etc. that will stand them out during the wedding day. In fact, men are usually dressed simple and sharp, and this makes wedding more highly-concentrated on the ladies. For the bride and groom, who are adventurous enough to be game-changers to their wedding day; we have just the perfect groomsmen gift idea that we cater to you.

For the groomsmen, we can unite them as similar as how the bridesmaids are, with our themed cufflinks. For our themed cufflinks, we cover from a range of: comic lover, professional look, artistic look, and steampunk look. During our years of experience, there was a bride who approached us for our cufflinks services, and asked us for a special request for her groomsmen. We brainstormed and came out with an idea to make a set of 7 superhero designs for her and made this bride and bridegroom very happy. We couldn’t be more humbled and happy that our services paid off!

Forever love wedding cufflinks

However, if classy is the look that the bride and groom is looking for, we suggest getting our customized monogrammed cufflinks. Getting cufflinks that represent each one of the groomsmen initial will add to the special touch to the bride and groom wedding day. It is not only classy, it is simple and anyone can wear it. Even the father of the bride can wear it too! Not to forget, ladies if you want to rock the wedding cufflinks: you can too!


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